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    Teiid Designer: How I can execute the select statement with 'WHERE CLAUSE' of user command

    S.Q. R Newbie

      Dear all,


      I want get the all records that will be updated in the update transformation procedure of view model.


      If the user command is

      UPDATE viewModel.schemaName.table1 SET column1 = 'xxx' WHERE column2 > 100;


      In the view model update transformation procedure, I want to execute below SQL:

      SELECT * FROM viewModel.schemaName.table1 WHERE CRITERIA;


      But, the procedure validation result is :

      The query is not valid.
      Error:  Invalid source table - book.
      Reason: Target cannot be a source to itself.


      And "WHERE CRITERIA" without "TRANSLATE" is not allowed.


      Will the above query statement be allowed?

      OR, Other way to implement same function?


      Thank you!


      Best Regards,