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    Does It: nested rich:layout ?

    Prathamesh Gaddam Novice

      Dear Team,

      1. Can I use nested rich:layout and rich:layoutPanel ? As I'm not getting the expected layout for the included scrollableDataTable. Here is the code:

      <rich:layoutPanel position="left" width="40%">
       <ui:include src="/ForWorkLog/IL.xhtml"/>
      <rich:layoutPanel position="center" width="60%">
       <richfaces:layoutPanel id="issueLayout"
       <ui:include src="/ForWorkLog/I.xhtml"/>
       <richfaces:layoutPanel id="workLogLayout"
       <ui:include src="/ForWorkLog/WL.xhtml"/>

      If needed I can send the screenshot.

      2. Is there any way I can restrict the scrollableDataTable size/height to number of rows only? With row field its not working.

      3. Does richfaces team planning to provide any scrollable panel or layout panel? Or there is any work-around without manually giving the size in pixels?

      Thank you for the patience!