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    Feature request for maven aop plugin




      I have been tasked with moving the JBoss ESB build from ant to maven; the current build relies the aopc ant task and the maven aop plugin doesn't seem to be flexible enough. I need to be able to configure which dependencies are included. So my feature request is for an iclude/excludes list for dependencies.


      I think I should have the time to implement this in the scope of my current task but I'm sure you guys will have preferences as to how it is implemented. My thoughts are as follows:


      1. The includes/excludes options will still require <includeProjectDependencies>true</includeProjectDependencies> and if no includes/excludes are set then all of the dependencies would be added to the classpath.

      2. If there are any includes/excludes then a dependency would only be added if it appears in the includes list and it does not appear in the excludes list. Would it suffice to use the artifactId or should the comparison use the full coordinates?

      3. Do you have a preference for the name of the elements? I'm leaning towards includedProjectDependencies and excludedProjectDependencies.