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    How to correctly access clustered web services?

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      I'm able to deploy some Ejb's on my cluster and use them from a Swing app, all I do is connect

      to the ha-jndi port and use them through context, lookup, etc. This way I can automatically

      use any node of the cluster if I just put some of them (IP) on jndi properties. It works

      perfectly fine, balancing the load with RoundRobin.


      My question:


      I'd like to have a similar approach using web services so I could use any node to connect,

      automatically switching on fail, just like happens with the ejb approach. Still using the

      Swing app as a client, needing to decouple and make the same services available to

      .Net (here comes jbossws).




      My ejbs are simple, think of the famous "multiply number example".

      My web service would provide the same functionality.

      I tried already using Tomcat with mod_jk to balance the load but it's a way I'm not

      happy with (I don't want to centralize, Ejbs with ha-jndi work so beautifully)

      I've read something about UDDI and ESB but I still don't know if any fits my problem,

      or if they too much for a little problem.

      Using JBoss 5.1.0.


      If someone could me just point me in the right direction telling me wich method to

      google for I'd appreciate. Thank you.






      ps: if something above is confusing, pardon my English