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    RecursiveTreeNodesAdapter + Turning off default drop handling at node.

    harpritt k Novice

      Hi People


      Ive just been surfing around the forum looking for some info on how to re-sequence the order of nodes within a my rich:tree using DnD... the goal is to have a tree that allows for droping of nodes between other nodes thus allow reordering as required.


      So far Ive got my Rich:tree working merrily with a recursiveTreeNodesAdapter with my dropListener, and now im working on getting the reordering to work.


      Ilya has proposed a cool solution in  http://community.jboss.org/message/568834#568834


      Part of the solution is to turn off default drop support at the node.


      I was just wondering how to do this, is this as simple as just not specifing a dropListener on the node?


      Anyway as allways all help is appreciated.


      PS would really welcome comments from people that have this working.


      Kind Regards