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    Group message in cluster

    srinivaas venkat Novice

      Hi, When I send group messgaes in a JMS cluster, they are always delivered to the node where I've configured the LOCAL GROUP HANDLER no matter how many ever times I test the code and none of the group messages are delivered to the REMOTE HANDLER node. Is this the expected behavior?


      I was under the impression that if I send two sets of group messages say group1 and group2 (with each group having two messages) in a cluster of two JMS nodes (with one local handler and one remote handler) then the group1 message would go to local handler node and the group2 message would go to remote handler node (in order to balance the load) but in my case both group1 and group2 messages were delivered to the local handler node and the remote handler node remained unused always.


      But if I send normal messages they are load balanced across both the nodes alternatively and no issues there. Pls calirfy, thanks!