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    Cast from null to timestamp problem

    jalen zhong Newbie

      We have a table which contains a column of type "timestamp", but we don't want to let user query the value of this column now.

      If I can write "select null as creation_date from T as t", it would be perfect. But Teiid Designer doesn't support it.


      We write the script in Designer like that:

      select cast(null as timestamp)  as creation_date from T as t


      When executing the VDB, error prompt:


      Error Code:0 Message:Remote org.teiid.core.TeiidProcessingException: Error Code:0 Message:Error Code:0 Message:Unexpected exception while translating results: 不支持从 int 到 TIMESTAMP 的转换。


      The above Asia characters here means: do not support convert from int to TIMESTAMP.


      Could anybody help me for this issue?