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      I've taken a look at what's left to clear up checkstyle.     Our errors boil down to a few categories - I don't mind going through and fixing them if that's what we want, but if not, it'd probably be helpful to comment out the rules to clear out the noise :


      Checkstyle rule "DesignForExtension" :


      Code example :

      Service Registration.java,


      ServiceRegistration(QName serviceName,
                  Endpoint endpoint,
                  HandlerChain handlers,
                  ServiceRegistry registry,
                  ServiceDomain domain) {
              _serviceName = serviceName;
              _endpoint = endpoint;
              _handlers = handlers;
              _registry = registry;
              _domain = domain;


      all of the parameters get the error that they should be final.     We discussed this rule on a call and I don't believe we came to any conclusion about what to do about it.


      Checkstyle rule "FinalLocalVariable" :
      Code example :



      public ServiceDomain getDomain() {
              return _domain;
          public QName getName() {
              return _serviceName;


      both methods get the error that they are not designed for extension and that they need to be abstract, final or empty.      I believe we discussed this rule on one of the calls and decided to scrap it but I wanted to double check before submitting a pull request with it.