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    jQueryPlugin component

    blabno Master

      Hello Community!


      I've just created a new component that helps you load jQuery plugins and avoid conflicts with RF built-in jQuery. Current implementation is for RF 3.3.4-SNAPSHOT. Soon I will migrate it to 4.0.

      Please post your feedback.


      Demo, download and subversion address are here.



      Make sure to use default script and style loading strategies.

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          Jay Balunas Master



          We'll likely not have time to review until we get M5 out, but can't wait to review.

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            John Bailo Master



            I just tried out the latest version of your plugin and it worked fantastically.


            Thanks for all your help on setting up jQuery in my application...and have a great Christmas!


            (One note: I had to explicitly put the the root slash, "/", in of my src="/filepath/filename.js" to get it to find the *.js files   src="filepath/filename.js" threw an exception.)

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              Srinivasan Mahadevan Newbie

              Wow, this is incredible and Awesome. I just happened to go throught this.


                This is really helpful.






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                Roberto Cordoba Newbie

                Hi Bernard,


                   I´m completely desperate until I have found this post. I haven´t tested it, but everyboday say it works great.


                I´m trying to integrate JFlow Plus jQuery plugin (it´s an image slider jQuery plugin) in my JSF2 + RichFaces 4 web app. It is not working. I have seen your plugin. Did you migrated to Richfaces 4? Please, tell me so.


                I wait for your comment.


                Thanks in advance.


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                  blabno Master

                  Hi Romberto,

                  I haven't migrated the plugin to 4.x If you wish so I can do it next week.

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                    Roberto Cordoba Newbie

                    Hi Bernard,


                        Thank you for your quick response and your offer. Actually, I have just found out how to solve it. I dont know if its the solution but as work around at least works. You have just to put the plugin and library call in he body instead of the head. This works!


                    I think this is related with the order which the jquery libraries are called.


                    So, if you want to do it, great, maybe will be helpful for many people, but dont do it for me.


                    Thank you so much.


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                      Yashavanth Kuntavalli Newbie

                      Hello Bernard,


                      I am trying to use JQuery plugins with RichFaces 4 (MyFaces 2.0.9 JSF 2.0 Application), I believe with this plugin I'll able to use JQuery plugins in my application.

                      When this will be available with RichFaces 4? and is there any alternative to get it working meanwhile?

                      Thanks for your effort and updates.




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                        George Green Newbie

                        Nice work, looking forward to try it out. Now l realize the important of these online communities. I like the fact that if you have a problem then someone has probably solved it already. Sorry to go off topic a bit. Thanks again.





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                          Roberto Cordoba Newbie

                          Hi Bernard again,


                             I change my answer above. It would be great if you could develop the plugin. As I told you I could avoid the incompatibity by moving the plugin and external jquery library from head to body. But, some days later I find another incompatibility I don´t know how to skip. I have one jsFunction that executes an action that changes the locale to internationalize the site. oncomplete it should render (rerender) @all to change the language. This render="@all" is working when I remove the jquery plugin and vice versa.


                          Please find the code:


                          <a4j:jsFunction name="selectRow" action="#{I18nBean.setPais}" render="@all" oncomplete="{alert('Cerrando');#{rich:component('popupPanelI18n')}.hide(); return false;}">

                                                                  <a4j:param name="currentRow" assignTo="#{I18nBean.sLocale}"/>



                          I have tried millions of combinations, putting the plugin everywhere in the code. Replacing @all with components id, but there is always an strange behaviour and never works completely.


                          Please help humanity and me with your plugin.


                          Thanks in advance,