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    Configuration of Teidd runtime on UNIX?

    Barani Bikshandi Newbie



      Just want to confirm whether any configurations needs to be changed when deploying Teiid in a UNIX server.


      I was able to successfully deploy Teiid console + runtime in Jboss server running on windows.


      Later I tried to move the Jboss folder in to UNIX box and started the Jboss server. The srever started without any issues and Teiid application got deployed too, but when I go in to Teiid application I am seeing a (X) mark on Data services tab and couldnt see any VDB's which was deployed before (when running in windows server)..


      Also I am not able to connect to this runtime from my designer.. I am getting an error as below


      Unable to connect using the specified Teiid server properties. The Teiid server properties could be invalid or the Teiid server may be offline.


      I am not sure what I am missing here.


      URL: mms://ip:31443

      username: admin

      password: admin


      I am getting the above error when I try to test the connection.


      I know that I am missing something minor here, not sure where....It would be great is someone can help me out in resolving this issue.





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          Ramesh Reddy Master



          The deployment procedure in the Unix and Windows is same, however I would not copy the whole directory as is. Do a fresh install on the Unix, then copy the respective VDBs and -ds.xml files. Check the log files if the Teiid started correctly or not. Red X means some issue with startup, if this is case then you cannot connect with Designer at this time.


          When you have started the Teiid correctly, make sure you do not have firewall blocking the ports (31000, 31443) are open, if you are using Designer on another box.



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            Barani Bikshandi Newbie



            Thanks a lot for your reply. The issue was mainly due to the fact that we had MetaMatrix running on the UNIX box and hence port 31000 was already been used by MMX process. I modified teiid-jboss-beans.xml to use a different port and the application started without any issues.


            Again, thanks a lot for your help!!!