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    setting focus in modalPanel?

    Steffen Grimm Newbie


      I have a problem:

      (Using richfaces 3.3.0)


      <rich:modalPanel id="loupeResults" minHeight="100" onshow="document.getElementById('scrollPanel').focus();">

      this does not work. focus will not be set on the desired element when panel shows.

      funny thing:

      <rich:modalPanel id="loupeResults" minHeight="100" onshow="alert('test');document.getElementById('scrollPanel').focus();">

      then it works...

      I also saw that this was once a Jira issue, but this was in version 3.1 or sth. it does not seem to be fixed...

      Can sw. help? does sw. has a workarround? thanks alot!

      Regards Steffen