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    rich:popupPanel not 'popping up' in IE

    Chris Mathrusse Newbie

      I'm using RichFaces 4 M5. I have a few pages that utilize the rich:popupPanel without any problem in Safari, Chrome and FireFox. But when I run my application in IE the popupPanel doesn't 'pop up'. Is there something that I need to enable or javascript that I need to add to get it to work?





                    function showVisaPopup() {





        <rich:popupPanel id="visa-popup-panel" modal="true" autosized="true">





      Called from here:





                            <f:selectItems value="#{programIntensityController.programIntensities}" />

                                <a4j:ajax oncomplete="#{iiiApplication.showRestrictionDialog ? 'showVisaPopup()' : ''}"/>






      Thanks for the help...

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