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    What are differences of JDBC connections with port 31000 and port 31443?

    S.Q. R Newbie

      Hi all,


      I am use the Teiid7.2 Final with default port configuration.

      17:25:12,282 INFO  [RUNTIME] Teiid JDBC =  mm://localhost:31000
      17:25:12,282 INFO  [RUNTIME] Teiid Admin mm://localhost:31443


      I found that I can create a JDBC connection with below two kinds of URLs with different port:

      One way is


      Another is



      Is there any differences of those two kinds of JDBC connections?


      I read below content in document of teiid_client_developers_guide.pdf

      1.5.1. Fail Over
      Post connection fail over will be sued if you're using an admin connection (such as what is used
      by AdminShell) or if the autoFailover connection property is set to true. Post connection failover
      works by sending a ping, at most every second, to test the connection prior to use. If the ping fails,
      a new instance will be selected prior to the operation being attempted. This is not true "transparent
      application failover" as the client will not restart the transaction/query/recreate session scoped
      temp tables, etc. So this feature should be used with caution by non-admin connections.


      What is the admin connection? What is the non-admin connection?

      I think that:

      a JDBC connection with port 31443 is a admin connection

      and a JDBC connection with port 31000 is non-admin connection.


      Is it right?


      Thank you.