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    rich:calendar doesn't work in rich:popupPanel

    Silvia Peifer Newbie

      I want to migrate my Richfaces3.3/JSF1.2-project to Richfaces4M4/JSF2.0.


      The rich:calendar-tag worked fine in the rich:modalPanel, but it doesn't work in rich:popupPanel.


      Here is my code:


          <rich:popupPanel id="chooseTimesPanel">

              <h:form id="reportParamForm">

                       <h:outputText value="#{msg.lblBeginnDatum}"/>

                       <rich:calendar id="reportStartDate">





      When I put the rich:calendar-tag on my main page, it works fine aswell. Only in the popupPanel I can see the calendar-icon and click on it, but no event is fired(no reaction in firebug).


      Can you please help me?