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    How to export nodes using CRaSH SCP protocol ?

    Olivier Picciotto Newbie

      Reading the forum, the post, http://community.jboss.org/message/561004#561004 speaks about the CRaSH console for acessing the JCR through the command line interface. It doese work ok and We sucessfully managed to install int in GateIN, access it though telnet and ssh, list nodes etc ...


      Now, the CRaSH documentation speaks about exporting nodes with the SCP protocol


      'scp -P 2000 root@localhost:portal:portal-system:/production/app:gadgets . '


      We tried that with CRaSH  1.0.0-beta17


      Documentation says that CRaSH password is 'crash' so this is what we entered as password when the SCP asks it. unfortunatly the SCP command returns immediatly with a :


      'Connection to localhost closed by remote host.' message


      And no data is copied


      Any Ideas ?