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    ARQ-370: Merging current development to upstream/master

    Andrew Rubinger Master



      A few months back the following branch was created for feature development depending upon very experimental software:




      There are dependencies here on features from other projects, namely SW and SD, which hadn't yet been integrated into their respective upstream/masters or released.  Over time "the_bigger_picture" branch has become the home to upcoming developments, leaving ARQ's upstream/master a bit stale.


      So we're gunning now to make proper releases of the dependencies in question, bring them into "the_bigger_picture", then merge back to upstream/master.


      Right now I'm aware of two blockers.


      1) https://issues.jboss.org/browse/SHRINKDESC-32


      ARQ needed a release of SD.  I fixed up the unit tests blocking this release, and cut an internal-only 0.1.0 version.


      2) https://issues.jboss.org/browse/SHRINKWRAP-140


      This one's more sticky, because I was hoping to cut a SW 1.0.0-alpha-12 without this.  I've been making some cuts at separating this out into a proper api/api-maven/impl-maven split. 


      What I did in the interim was create an upstream/SHRINKWRAP-140 branch for SW, assigned to version "SW140-SNAPSHOT".  This allows us to publish SNAP versions of the SW-140 stuff without conflicting with the release number for upstream/master, currently at 1.0.0-alpha-12-SNAPSHOT.


      Changes to Arquillian:


      I've opened a new branch in my fork:




      This is intended to be reviewed by Aslak and forked into upstream/ARQ-370 as the central collaboration point to get things back into master.




      1. Taken "the_bigger_picture" from Aslak
      2. Upgraded the SD dependency to 0.1.0
      3. Upgraded the SW dependency to SW140-SNAPSHOT
      4. Refactored to include the container "addAs*" changes


      I'm seeing some problems compiling however, and I don't think they're related to me.  It's in the Selenium module, where it can't find stuff like "org.jboss.arquillian.impl.context.ClassContext;"


      Aslak, take this in and have a look, pushing the ARQ-370 branch upstream when done?


      In the meantime I'll keep plugging on SW-140 so we can get a proper release there for ARQ to depend upon.


      In the future, to avoid this problem I think we need a few-pronged approach:


      1) Don't mix and match issues into a global "integration" branch

      2) Don't rely upon features from other projects which have not yet been merged upstream.

      3) Don't wait months to let this stuff pile up (this one is aimed at me specifically, who has been more than ghosty while on EJB3 for AS6, so I apologize for gumming up the works).




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