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    Core Changes That Impact Components

    Keith Babo Master

      From what I can tell, we have all been very good about updating components when a component dependency on core has changed (e.g. changing core API).  The informal process has been a single JIRA with two pull requests, one for core and the other for components.  This works great and I'm happy with it from a JIRA standpoint.  The one piece that's missing is that we have not been refreshing the snapshot repository immediately after a core change.  This will smack any SwitchYard developer that does not maintain an up-to-date local core repository.  So, let's keep the same process we've been following with one addition:


      Any change to core which breaks the component build (compile or test) must be followed by a push to the snapshot repository.


      I believe that Tom C has already sent around information on how to update the snapshot repository.  If you need more info, please follow up with him directly.