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    Unable to select the current date in calendar

    Vishwanath Bannur Newbie



      I have created calendar component with disabling the previous dates from current date. The code is as follows.

      Here i am not able to select the current date. How to disable only previous dates and enable to select other dates in a month including current date.











                  font-style: italic;




          <script type="text/javascript">

              var curDt = new Date();

              function disablementFunction(day){

                  if (day.isWeekend) return false;

                  if (curDt==undefined){

                      curDt = day.date.getDate;


                  if (curDt.getTime() - day.date.getTime() &lt; 0) return true; else return false; 


              function disabledClassesProv(day){

                  if (curDt.getTime() - day.date.getTime() &gt;= 0) return 'rich-calendar-boundary-dates';

                  var res = '';

                  if (day.isWeekend) res+='weekendBold ';

                  if (day.day%3==0) res+='everyThirdDay';

                  return res;



          <rich:calendar isDayEnabled="disablementFunction" dayStyleClass="disabledClassesProv" boundaryDatesMode="scroll"/>