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    rich:modalPanel does not work in IE9 RC

    Boris V Newbie


      I use rich:modalPanel in my application, and it work well in IE8 and FF3. I open this panel by set showWhenRendered=true in the backing bean.

      But it can't open the panel in IE 9 RC.

      How to reproduce:

      Press F12 in IE 9 RC;

      Click Browser mode and click IE9;

      Click a button, in which action's method, set showWhenRendered=true.

      BTW, if set Browser mode to IE8, it works well.

      And, after it once workes well in IE8 mode, it workes well in IE9 mode.

      Reproduce after workes well in IE9 mode:

      Restart tomcat;

      Click internet options in IE9 menu;

      Click Advanced;

      Click Reset...;

      Check "Delete personal settings";

      Click Reset;

      Richface3.3.3 final + IE9RC + Tomcat6.0.29

      Anyone have any idea about this? Thanks.