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    Rerendering HTML5 content with a4j:jsFunction brakes markup

    Nikita Sumeiko Newbie

      I am working in JSF2 project and faced the error, which breaks native HTML5 tags display in the browser. So, what I have:

      <a4j:form id="myForm">

      <a4j:jsFunction name="myFunction" actionListener="#{myBean.key}"








      <a4j:outputPanel id="wrapper" layout="block">


           <!-- Inside this panel I have HTML5 tags -->


                <div class="myObject">

                     <p>Lorem impsum dolor sit amet...</p>




                <a href="#" title="">My Link #1</a>

                <a href="#" title="">My Link #2</a>






      <div class="anotherObject">

           <a href="#" title="" onclick="myFunction(); return false;">Refresh my wrapper</a>




      So, right after I click a link, which activates myFunction() on click event, <a4j:outputPanel> content is rerendered, but broken, because HTML5 tags are dropped outside, and when I debug in Firebug, code of outputPanel looks like this:


           <div id="myForm:wrapper">

                <aside> </aside>

                <nav> </nav>

                <!-- And right here starts all my content, which has to be inside those HTML5 tags -->

                <div class="myObject">

                     <p>Lorem impsum dolor sit amet...</p>




      Maybe somebody knows why this rerendering brakes my HTML?!