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    Context Menu causing scrollbars to appear in IE

    David Boardman Newbie

      I have a datatable within a div that has a style of "overflow:auto".  I am attaching a rich:contextMenu to the onclick event of each row in the datatable using a rich:componentControl.  In IE (7 & 8) when I click on one of the datatable row the context menu causes scrollbars to appear on the surrounding div if the context menu overlaps the div.  In Firefox the context menu appears without causing any scrollbars to appear.  Is there a way I can force the contextMenu to appear in IE without causing the scrollbars to appear in the surrounding div?


      The code looks like the following:


      <rich:contextMenu id="testmenu" attached="false">

          <rich:menuItem> <h:outputText value="item1" /></rich:menuItem>




      <div style="overflow:auto">



                <rich:componentControl event="onRowClick" for="testmenu" operation="show"/>





      Thanks for any insight,


      Dave Boardman