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    What Tomcat version is used by JBoss 4.0.5?

    Rico Neubauer Novice

      In JBoss 4.0.5, what is the version of the referenced Tomcat artifacts used by the jboss-web project?


      This seems like an easy question, as you just have to look into /thirdparty/apache-tomcat/component-info.xml, which states this:


      <component id="apache-tomcat"
            description="Tomcat 5.5 servlet 2.4 web container">
            <artifact id="servlets-webdav.jar"/>


      But (at least) for the servlets-webdav.jar this is not true, since the sources of Tomcat 5.5.20 definitely do not match with the used JAR.


      How can I find out what version is really used, or any other ideas?