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    rich-panel-body style for specified id

    Tim Newbie

      hi there,

      i have a panel, which is on a modal panel in a subview.
      i'm using rf 3.3.1GA with jsf 1.2.

      now my issue...

      my panel(-body) is generated like this:

      <div class="dr-pnl-b rich-panel-body" id="subview:form:myPanel_body"></div>

      however, by trying this in my css file:
      #subview:form:myPanel_body .rich-panel-body {
       some declarations

      there is no effect to the panel-body.

      am i missing something?
      is this a bug?
      is there another way to achieve panel body styling for specified id's?

      thanks in advance.
      kind regards,