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    Any improvements in JBoss AS startup speed planned?

    henk de boer Master

      I remember that improving the startup performance of JBoss AS was one of the issues for JBoss AS 6.


      A boot of a stock JBoss AS without any applications deployed is indeed significantly faster on the same hardware compared to JBoss AS 5.1. However, with a medium sized EAR application (50k LOC in WAR, 10k LOC in EJB, couple of dozen EJB beans and JPA entities, ~250 Facelets and JSP pages) deployed, startup time has become worse instead of better.


      Something that I notice is that CPU utilization is typically between the 100% and 200% on my 8 core machine. I/O peaks to 1200~2000 (random) IOPS at most, which is a good deal below the specs of my SSD.


      Perhaps it would be possible to do more stuff in parallel to take advantage of machines with many cores? Wouldn't something like annotation scanning be inherently parallelizable? Is there anything specifically planned here for JBoss AS 7 (yes, I know we users are asking a lot, but just curious )

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