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    a4j:status only works with default id

    Elaine Gordon Newbie

      We have a page that is using the tabPanel and have set up separate pages for each tab. We need to use the a4j:status on some of the tabs when they are clicked, to indicate that the tab is loading. Our problem happens when we try to use a status on more than one tab. I have read that the way to get around this is to use a4j:region. I have tried this, but when I add this to the tab's page, the status does not work.


      What I have found is that when I use no region or id on the status, the status id is defaulted to _ViewRoot:status. When it is this, it works. When I use a region, the status id is set to the region name:status and then it does not work. I have also tried using the id and forceId on the status and that gives the status a unique id, but then it doesn't work.


      I can not figure out what is wrong. Any ideas?


      Attached is an example of my code.