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    rich:panelMenu expandSingle not working

    Juan Camilo Prada Newbie

      Hi guys, I'm using rich:panelMenu with the expandSingle parameter set to true, but it is not working for some reason. am I missing something here?.... this is the code


      <rich:panelMenu style="width:200px" mode="client" expandSingle="true">

                      <rich:panelMenuGroup label="home">

                          <rich:panelMenuItem label="Home" name="Home" />

                          <rich:panelMenuItem label="My Account" name="My_Account" />


                      <rich:panelMenuGroup label="Configuration">

                          <rich:panelMenuItem label="Users" name="Users" />

                          <rich:panelMenuItem label="Roles" name="Roles" />

                          <rich:panelMenuItem label="Permissions" name="Permissions" />

                          <rich:panelMenuItem label="Themes" name="Themes" />

                          <rich:panelMenuItem label="Email Accounts" name="Email_accounts" />


                      <rich:panelMenuGroup label="Contacts">

                          <rich:panelMenuItem label="Contact List" name="Contact_list" />

                          <rich:panelMenuItem label="Upload Contacts" name="Upload_contacts" />


                      <rich:panelMenuGroup label="Calendar">

                          <rich:panelMenuItem label="Calendar" name="Calendar" />

                          <rich:panelMenuItem label="Upload tasks" name="Upload_tasks" />




      Thanks in advance