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    .rf-drp-hlight and .rf-drp-hvr - how do they work in RF 4.0.0.Final?

    Paweł Ryszawa Newbie



      According to Developer Guide 4 RF 4.0.0.Final, <rich:dropTarget>'s style depends on .rf-drp-hvr and .rf-drp-hlight style classes. Similar mechanism applies to <rich:dragIndicator> via properties acceptClass, rejectClass and draggingClass combined with .rf-ind-acpt, .rf-ind-rejt and .rf-ind-drag style classes. Nevertheless, I cannot see any <rich:dropTarget>'s property to adapt style class selectors (no-selector, pure style classes do not work either).


      So, how do those "styles" work in RF 4.0.0.Final?