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Missing dependencies in rubygem-boxgrinder-build

Martin Borgman Newbie

I just installed a fresh copy of Fedora 14. I chose the minimal install because I only wanted to use this machine to develop VM's.

The first problem I had with this setup is that eth0 doesn't start. The fix for this issue is here http://microwallet.net/how2-no-dhcp-address-minimal-installation-fedora-14/

Installing rubygem-boxgrinder-build woks fine, but the command boxgrinder-build --help fails because the activesupport gem is not installed.

After installing activesupport boxgrinder-build --help still fails because the i18n gem is not installed.

After installing the i18n gem I can successfully build a VM however the command at the bottom of this page http://boxgrinder.org/tutorials/boxgrinder-build-quick-start/build-your-first-appliance/ are not correct.

The command should simply be

boxgrinder-build f14-basic.appl

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    Marek Goldmann Master

    Hi Martin,


    Sorry for late response, was traveling last few days.


    This is a known issue. AWS rpm package has wrong dependencies, the maintainer was contacted and I'm waiting for a fix.


    In the meantime you can run:


    yum intall rubygem-activesupport


    to fix all your issues.


    I'll update the tutorial page to reflect the proper command line invocation, thank you!


    P.S. You can always use meta-appliance which is designed to deliver the build environment for you. See this tutorial on usage information.