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    GateIn + OpenAM 9.5.2

    macois Newbie



      I'm actually trying GateIn for my firm and I don't manage to integrate OpenAM and GateIn.


      I follow all the steps in the GateInReference Guide but I've a problem.


      The scenarii of the problem is :


      1) Go to http://localhost:8080/portal


      2) Click sur Administrator


      3) I'm redirected to : http://openam.vauban.com:2080/openam_s952/UI/Login?realm=gatein&goto=http://localhost:8080/portal/private/classic


      4) I filled in the form with root / gtn


      5) I'm redirected to http://localhost:8080/portal/private/classic and the page is blank and the main fact is : The system seems to redirect me to this page infinitely..




      Does Someone know an issue for this infinite loop ?



      For information, I configured my OpenAM  :

      • to encode the cookies,
      • to use c66encode.





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