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    rich:modalpanel IE8

    uririch Newbie


      I created a search wizard using

      rich:modalpanel. Everything worked fine in IE7, but in IE8 I had issues with form submission. So I fixed that issue by using only one form to hold all the components in the parent page and the modalpanel. Here is the skeleton of my UI code:


      Parent page:



      <ui:include src="modalpage.xhtml"/>


      <a4j:commandbutton id="openmodalpanel" onclick="Richfaces.showmodalpanel(panel id);"/>


      <h:commandbutton id="b1"/>

      <h:commandbutton id="b2"/>

      <h:commandbutton id="b3"/>





      Modal page:






      <h:inputtext id="it1"/>

      <h:inputtext id="it2"/>

      <h:commandbutton id="search" action="#{bean.action}"/>




      When button 'search' is clicked in the modalpanel, the action is triggered but the text fields are not set, that is, their setter methods are never called. I tried adding a form aound the modalpanel components but that invalidates buttons b1, b2 & b3 on the parent page and it still doesn't set the textbox values.


      Any help is appreciated.