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    Ho to deal with a code correction in richfaces-ui

    Eric Chavet Newbie

      Hi every one,


      I'm not sure this is the right thing to do in my case but I am trying to compile a new version of richfaces based on 3.3.3.Final but with some corrections on the menu-component behavior.


      First, here is why I intend to change the version number:


      The menu-component behavior does not satisfy me. I have 3 submenu-levels and my users can't manage to go from one level(parent) to the next one(child) easily. Once an item is selected on a popup level, going to the next level must be done with the constraint to maintain the mouse pointer on the item zone during all his way/path to the next popup menu. As in a game, if you touch the top or below item you lose: the popup is immediately closed!


      I think this is a bug because it seems the js code intented to do this properly as there is a "hideDelay" variable in the js but it does not work.

      There is two main solutions. Either the child popup closing timout has to be really effective and configurable. Or the next level popup opening has to happen on the "click" event and not on the mouseover event as iti is by now.


      I have chosen the click method which was the easiest way to modify the menu.js code.



      So I've downloaded the sources. I have modified the menu.js file but now I don't know how to manage my change.

      I could simply increment the richfaces-ui version. But I don't understand how  to manage the version in the pom.xml files before compiling.


      So my questions are:


      How can I change the version?

      Or if any other way, how can I extend the menu-component?


      The edited file is the menu.js (located in the richfaces-ui-3.3.3.Final/ui/menu-components/src/main/resources/org/richfaces/renderkit/html/scripts directory).



      Thanks for advice.

      Eric Chavet