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    Richfaces Portlets and jQuery integration

    Bernd Winterstein Newbie

      we have the following scenario:

      Emebedded in Coremedia content pages which uses jQuery for it's own purposes we have Richfaces JSF portlets via Apache Pluto and the JBoss Portlet Bridge. Both the Content page and the portlets make have use of jQuery and jQuery Plugins. To ensure that all portlets and the content use the same jQuery version, I patched richfaces-impl in version 3.3.1.GA to deliver an empty jQuery.js.
      The original jquery.js from the richfaces distribution is delivered via Coremedia, so each page and every portlet in it uses the same version.

      However in firebug I see the following errors, which only occur when the richfaces jquery version is used.

      div.getElementsByTagName("object")[0] is undefined from

      // IE 7 always returns no results
      2590 objectAll: !!div.getElementsByTagName("object")[0]
      2591 .getElementsByTagName("*").length,


      fn is undefined from

      2271proxy: function( fn, proxy ){
      2272 proxy = proxy || function(){ return fn.apply(this, arguments); };
      2273 // Set the guid of unique handler to the same of original handler, so it can be removed
      2274 proxy.guid = fn.guid = fn.guid || proxy.guid || this.guid++;
      2275 // So proxy can be declared as an argument
      2276 return proxy;

      Is there something I missed? And ideas would be very helpful.