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    HornetQ High Virtual Memory Usage

    Paul Slattery Newbie

      We are seeing some strange results for HornetQ in our test environment that is making everyone nervous about live deployment.

      Basically Virtual Memory balloons to 28gig after 24hours running on our test server!


      Our live setup is as follows


      1. Local Brokers which have topics for each set of clients.
      2. Master/Backup Brokers which route messages to the locals using bridges


      For the purposes of testing , we have taken the Master/Backup boxes out of the loop and simply wired the 'SendQueue' up to the 'ReceiveQueue' via a divert, which would be a bridge to the Master in live.

      We use diverts to place messages from the ReceiveQueue onto the relevant Topics (per 'AppDomain')

      There is also a Stomp Acceptor that allows for our database to send messages using a python script.

      All addresses are set to DROP after 10mb size as our messages are transitory.


      Currently there are about 50+ clients listening to a specific Topic. They produce a message for these topics at the rate of about one a second.Virtual Memory seems appears to leak at 1mb a second on the Test Broker.


      I have included the configurations for our test box , the spring file for the client connectors.


      Can anyone confirm that this behaviour is expected regarding Virtual Memory under HornetQ ?



      ....I am wracking my brain as I feel the use case is quite simple