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    Error when creating WSDL into Web Service Model

    Robert Scott Newbie

      After importing my wsdl utilizing the WSDL into Web Service Model I show the following errors in the Virtual procedure that is created:


      ERROR: Error Code:ERR.015.008.0019 Message:Unable to resolve element: RETSmdlResponses.retsTransaction_getLookupList_LookupListResponseDoc.REPLACE_WITH_ELEMENT_OR_ATTRIBUTE


      I'm not sure what this means.  We don't have that attribute anywhere in our WSDL.  Is it a place holder for something???


      I do have a couple other problems in the WSDL import that show the following error:


      Description          Resource          Path          Location          Type

      Found problems validating transformation defining RETSmdlResponses/retsTransaction_getLookupList_LookupListResponseDoc/MappingClasses/MapEntry, re-validate in the transformation editor.          RETSmdlResponses.xmi          /RETS          Mapping Class Set Container/Mapping Classes/MapEntry          Problem


      It seems that the transformations do not have any transformations to the Input Sets.  Should this have happened on the import or will these errors go away only after we manually input the Transformation SQL?


      Thanks in advance for all your help.