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    Hibernate and maven

    barmic Newbie



      I try to use hibernate and my configuration in pom.xml don't work.

      I don't understand why maven fail on download of hibernate :


      This is my pom.xml : http://nopaste.dk/p3215


      Can you help me to configure my pom.xml ?

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          barmic Newbie

          I have search on this page https://repository.jboss.org/nexus/index.html


          The 4 dependencies hibernate-core, hibernate-entitymanager, hibernate-validator and hibernate-annotations. I see that this for artifact isn't in same version :

          • hibernate-core (3.3.2.GA)
          • hibernate-entitymanager (3.3.2.GA)
          • hibernate-validator (4.1.0.Final)
          • hibernate-annotations (3.3.0.GA)


          In same time the download page speak about an version 3.6 and the next version (CR1) 4.0.


          I don't understand why the version isn't synchronyse and how find the latest version of each artifact.

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            Paul Gier Master

            There seems to be a problem with the search in the JBoss repository.  I will regenerate the indexes to hopefully fix the searching.

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              Paul Gier Master

              The indexes have been regenerated, and the search seems to be working correctly now.  You should be able to search to find the most recent version.  For example, searching for "hibernate-core" shows version 3.6.3 as the latest stable version.