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    How to use dropDown (selectItems) with class values in JSF

    er.viveksrivastava Newbie

      Hello to all,


      I am expert in jsf

      but I get a little problem can YOU solve it



      I am getting problem to show dropDown values in JSF

      In handler I have a arraylist Of  a dummy class type now this arraylist of size 10  store only 1 string per subscript.

      How can i show these values in my JSF form in drop down  selectItems


      How can I convert it into selectItems as in jsf





      FileTemplateDao fileTemplateDao = new FileTemplateDao();

              gcFileFieldBo = (ArrayList<GcFileFieldBo>) fileTemplateDao.getFileFieldList();




      <h:selectOneMenu id="fieldName12" style="width: 220px;"

                              required="true" value="#{fileTemplateHandler.selFieldId}"

                              styleClass="selectOneMenu" >

                              <f:selectItem itemValue="#{fileTemplateHandler.defFileId}"

                                  itemLabel="Select Field" />

                              <f:selectItems value="#{fileTemplateHandler.gcFileFieldBo}" />







      javax.servlet.ServletException: Argument Error: An option for component fieldName12 was not an instance of javax.faces.model.SelectItem.  Type found: java.util.ArrayList.




      Please Help me I am totally frustated.