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    Centralized news page for Richfaces evolution

    Jérôme Jadoulle Newbie

      Good day!


      In a discussion on the Richfaces irc channel with Nick Belaevski, I asked whether there was a centralized news page for everything related to Richfaces and, if not, if it was somehow possible to create one.


      I am, as lots of other folks I suppose, very interested in the news about Richfaces and, currently, these are quite scattered in lots of different blogs (on relation.to / this forum / the wiki and so on).  Having them all gathered (maybe just even links for a start) in one central place would benefit everybody.  We could keep in touch with the updates a lot easier, improving our overal knowledge about it.


      Here below the initial discussion on irc:


      [23:48] <Jerarckill> Sorry to disturb you guys but I amvery interested in the developement and updates about richfaces and I am searching"the" place to look for news about it and itsdevelopment.  Is there something like this available?

      [23:49] <Jerarckill> I am constantly checking the forum(and posing there from time to time) and reading some wiki articles but I can'tfind a "timed" page anywhere

      [23:49] <Diablo-D3> Jerarckill: this channel and themain richfaces site is aboutit

      [23:49] <nbelaevski> Jerarckill: we have project page http://www.jboss.org/richfacesand twitter #richfaces

      [23:49] <nbelaevski> Jerarckill: timed = schedule ofreleases you mean?


      [23:50] <Jerarckill> Not entirely, just wanting to knowwhat you are working on, some explanations about the things on your mind andthe sort.

      [23:51] <Jerarckill> I know some of you have a blog on... [For some reason, I don't remember the name right now]... which is vreyhelpful.  But the information is split among the participatingmembers

      [23:51] <Jerarckill> I would have liked to find one rootlocation with all the news, one below the other

      [23:51] <nbelaevski> well, that's right - split

      [23:51] <Diablo-D3> relation.to?

      [23:51] <nbelaevski> we have another blog at jroller

      [23:51] <Jerarckill> (not telling you should, just that,as an interested user, it would help me)

      [23:52] <nbelaevski> Jerarckill: sure, that will behelpful definitely

      [23:52] <Jerarckill> To give another example, [some other technology] has more or less this: the root page of the website is only about release news(more or less) and you have the one single blog [...] about [...] updates

      [23:53] <nbelaevski> Jerarckill: I am not sure we haveone... can you please post your thoughts on forum?

      [23:53] <Jerarckill> Sure, i'll gladly do so

      [23:53] <nbelaevski> Jerarckill: thanks - from my sideI'll ask Jay to handle that

      [23:54] <Jerarckill> If all of you would gather your updates on richfaces on the same news website, I think it would definitely bevery exiting for us all

      [23:54] <Jerarckill> (this website can be the one you already have of course)

      [23:54] <Jerarckill> Just that I would see it proeminent.

      [23:55] <nbelaevski> Jerarckill: yes, I see the point


      [23:55] <Jerarckill> (I'll add the post to the forum then).  See you!

      [23:56] <nbelaevski> Jerarckill: thanks!

      [23:56] <nbelaevski> Jerarckill: it won't be coolwithout great community help

      [23:57] <Jerarckill> (relation.to was thelocation.  Thanks Diable-D3)