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    Tree with multiline nodes

    laurentg Newbie



      I'm using RichFaces 3.3.3 and I would like to have a tree where a node can be wrapped on many lines.

      Unfortunately, if I do this, the layout gets completely broken.

      Have you any tips to do this ?


      Thanks for your help,



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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          I was able to do that using


          .rich-tree-node-text {

              display: table;

              white-space: normal;

              width: 150px;



          css declared for example.


          attached image with th result

          tree wrap.png

          Consider playing with firebug more to make any changes and see the result quickly.

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            laurentg Newbie

            Thank you. That was helpful but I also had to add this :


            .rich-tree-h-ic-line-last {
                vertical-align: middle;    


            With both CSS customization, it seems to work nicely.

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              Fabrício Severo Newbie

              I'm using richfaces 4.2.2 and i wish to do that multiline text at my rich:tree


              Is there a way of making that code using the "style" attribute on rich:tree or rich:treeNode? I'm actualy new to css... don't know how to use it right. Where should i put that codes?


              I'm managed to break the lines using this:


              <rich:treeNode iconCollapsed="#{node.iconPath}"
                                    style="display: table; white-space: normal; width: 95%; #{node.partialParse()}">


              But the tree is lookign awkward. With icon below the "+" and text below the icon.