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    Last Paged file not being de-paged.

    Matthew Skevington Newbie

      I'm posting this message in hope that it's me doing something stupid, and not HornetQ.


      Quick overview:


      I've two Clustered instances of JBoss 5.1, a message producer that creates 100000 messages within an XA Transaction (using java:/JmsXA).  Once all the messages have been enqueued, the transaction completes and the messages are distributed across the nodes.  Each cluster node has a client in the form of an MDB that picks the messages off the queue.  This process happily trundles along, until the last paged file needs to be de-paged.  The whole process stops and no exceptions are thrown.


      I've done an lsof on the remaining paged file and it reports that java is the culprit that has a hold on the file. 


      I could, at this point, post all the configuration of the queues and connection factories, but I thought I would ask the question first, in hope that I'm missing something obvious.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.  My first guess, is that maybe JTA has a lock on the file and therefore the process that de-pages the file is refused?