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    Replacing Native Stack by CXF on 5.1.0.GA

    sjahan Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      This could be a newbie question, but i'm quite a newbie, so...

      I would like to replace the jbossws native stack by CXF on my JBoss 5.1.0.GA Application Server, running on Windows 7.

      I don't use Spring or something, i already have some webservices project and just want JBoss to use CXF instead of native stack.

      I tried the ant script, it didn't work so i have to tweak it a little bit. Anyway, the ant script runned successfully, but it doesn't remove the native stack and so CXF wasn't operational at all.


      I didn't find any installation guide on the web, so i'm quite stuck on this problem.

      I guess this is kind of easy when you know well JBoss... Hoping someone can help me!


      Thank you by advance for your support,