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    fileUpload javascript problem

    Mohammad Najdawi Newbie

      Dear All,

      Kindly i want to shrare you my problem in rich:fileUpload component.

      i am trying to use a rich:fileUpload in my application, but i have a problem which is: after specifying(Add) the file and press on upload button i got the following java script error (in shortly) :

      Webpage error details:

      Message: End tag 'changes' does not match the start tag 'partial-response'.


      i had tried to run it on FireFox 4.0.1 and Internet Explorer 8 and got the same error.

      and i add the context param to the web.xml for the createTempFiles and maxRequestSize

      also i want to ask about the FileUpload demo here in this site in View FileUploadBean.java

      they use UploadedImage type in the List and there is no type like that in org.richfaces.model.


      Thanls alot