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    useFullSchemaName in Teiid 7.4

    Andriy Rokhmanov Newbie



      I've noticed the JDBCMetdataProcessor in Teiid 7.4 has useFullSchemaName boolean property set to true, which forces to use now a full qualified table name (for example H2: "INFORMATION_SCHEMA.CATALOGS" vs "CATALOGS" in 7.3). Is there any way to make this property configurable?


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          Steven Hawkins Master

          Hi Andriy,


          true was the intended default for useFullSchemaName, 7.4 updated the code so that it was actually true.  Yes, you may configure the property by setting importer.useFullSchemaName=false on your model.  In your vdb.xml or dynamic vdb file this would look like:


          <model name="x">

                  <property name="importer.useFullSchemaName" value="false" />



          See the reference and the examples for more on importer/translator settings.


          Even if something is imported with a name like "INFORMATION_SCHEMA.CATALOGS", Teiid still allows you to resolve it as CATALOGS.  This is non-standard, but is done so that table names can contain foriegn schemas, but use queries can still be partially qualified.



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            Andriy Rokhmanov Newbie

            Thanks Steven, we will try that.