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      hi everyone,


      i'm attempting to use the fileupload component of richfaces framework, however it's not exactly what i want so far. i have richfaces 4 final downloaded and basicaly what i want is just to make a form with two inputs for upload and submit button. i must have read all the examples internet has to offer yet i can't figure out how to:


      • make the fileupload component do automatic uploads, netbeans report the immediateupload attribute is not present in the component definition
      • make it allow just one file to upload per component, also i have seen some attribute adjusting the components list to display only single file, can't remember the name right now, netbeans report the same issue with this one.
      • if it was possible to have it look and work like a simple <input type="file"> that would be awesome, but i don't really insist on this. automatic uploads and smaller looking through single file displayed in the list can do just as good. i guess the looking is supposed to be adjusted with defining styles for classes listed in this component's reference, those rf-fu classes right?


      else the fileUploadListener att works quite well, so the functionality is not the issue (in contrast to other framework's upload components i have tried before). i'm using jboss 5 since that was the only one supported by netbeans, but  if needed i got no problem with downloading more recent version.


      thx for reading, any hints appreciated