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    Remote portlets in pages.xml

    Christoph Hennes Newbie



      we are using EPP 5.1 and want to reference remote portlets in a newly installed portal by using pages.xml. I have tried a few combinations but everytime, Gatein complains, that the specified portlet id is unknown.


      I have added our remote portlet definition in




      with type=wsrp and contentId=concatenation between  producer id and  referenced portlet (copied from previous debug session).


      In the pages.xml




      I have added a page element trying to reference this definition. The page itself is rendered, but accessing the portlet does not work. The portal does not recognize the remote portlet entry. If I open the application admin page, I can see our definition.


      Please could you tell me how the format in pages.xml has to look like. In the EPP reference guide only local portlets are shown.


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