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    Paging file of topic messages is not removed after subscribe to the corresponding message.

    Takeshi Kato Newbie

      I am using HornetQ2.2.2Final and testing the paging function with topic and durable subscribers. I found the behaviour which paging file is not removed, in spite of the fact that all paged-out topic messages are subscribed to.


      Here are steps I have done:

      1. Publish some messages to topic A until new message is paging out.

        (Confirm that a paging file is created and some messages stored in the file.)

      2. Restart the HornetQ server.

      3. Subscribe to all the messages from the topic(topic A). (including the paged out messages.)



      The messages could receive successfully at 4). However, paging file is not removed, and then the paging file is not empty.

      Moreover, if publish a message in that state, the message is stored in the paging file.

      I tried this test on HornetQ2.2.5Final, and it behaves same.


      It does not occur on queue but occurs on topic.I does not think it is correct behaviour. The paging file should be removed at 4).






      Takeshi Kato

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