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    How to get Requester IP Address?

    mahdi asgari nea Newbie

      Hi dear all

      I am using jbr-provider to handle all request from specified port, i try to get requester ip address to handle some policy in esb layer!

      I spent some time in community but all the things I found is about http-gateway!

      How can i get requester ip address from message parameter of my cusom action?


      Bellow is my jboss-esb.xml configuration.




              <jms-provider connection-factory="ConnectionFactory" name="JBossMQ">

                  <jms-bus busid="openEHREsbChannel">


                              dest-name="queue/openehr_webservice_producer_esb" dest-type="QUEUE"/>



              <jbr-provider host="${esb-instance-id}" name="JBR-Http" protocol="http">

                  <jbr-bus busid="Http-1" port="${esb-instance-port}"/>




              <service category="ehr" description="openEHR Main Service" name="Main">

                  <property name="maxThreads" value="100"/>


                      <jbr-listener busidref="Http-1" is-gateway="true" name="Http-Gateway">

                          <property name="serviceInvokerTimeout" value="600000"/>

                          <property name="synchronous" value="true"/>


                      <jms-listener busidref="openEHREsbChannel" name="JMS-ESBListener">

                          <property name="remove-old-service" value="true"/>



                  <actions mep="RequestResponse">

                      <action class="com.tapasargad.soa.esb.actions.SaveMessageAction" name="Save"/>