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    <rich:extendedDataTable> with custom DataModel --> group by

    Matthias Age Newbie


      I tried to use the <rich:extendedDataTable> with a custom DataModel (it extends ExtendedDataModel) which loads only a small part of data from the database.
      But if I use this custom data model, the group by functionality of <rich:extendedDataTable> does not work correctly any more.

      So my questions are:
      1) How can I hide the context-menu-item "Group by this column" from the context-menu (I think that should be the easiest solution) ?
      2) What's the correct approach to load only needed data from a database with <rich:extendedDataTable> ?
      3) I wanted to use the attribute "onRowMouseOver" and "onRowMouseOut" on rich:extendeddataTable to highlight rows, but if I do so the context-menu does not respond to mouse-clicks any more.