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    Teiid Installer example

    Van Halbert Master

      Attached is an installer that will do the following:


      -  download  jboss-as 5, Teiid 7.4 final, appropriate eclipse (linux, win, mac), Teiid Designer plugin


      -  install the server and eclipse


      -  start server and eclipse  (eclipse won't start unless the server is started within 5 mins)


      There is an install.html that describes all this and various options.   This is just the first wack at this, but I've started using it with success.   Also, note the "drivers" directory.   Be sure to put your jdbc driver and other 3rd party jar's there prior to running the installation.  


      Hopefully, this can get new installations started faster, and possibly get this committed to Teiid/Designer and have this available for each branch that rolls out.