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    Accessing jboss website on internet...(its urgent)

    Debarshi Bhaumik Newbie

      hello all,

                     i have created a website using eclipse(in jsp) and jboss server..

      ican view the website in my localhost..and i have used 12345 as port..



      using the above two urls i can access it...( is my local ip)


      ihave a beetel 450tc1 router and airtel broadband connection...

      now i have forwarded the port 12345


      and i have ran jboss using run.bat -b


      but i cant access my website using


      (here is my external ip)

      giving link broken error


      i have also tried dyndns..by creating dynamic dns access but noone can access my page,not even me




      but it is giving this error


      and when someone outside my network trying to access the page it is giving timeout error...plz help me huys....