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    Who is interested for a powerfull WCM on GateIn?

    Darko Hojnik Newbie

      Hi there,


      I'm worry about that is no solution shipped with GateIn that brings a WCMS functionality. So I've compiled EPP 5.1 from Source and compiled the eXo WCM extension. But that is really to complicate to handle for normal endusers. Take a look on Liferay for what is a comfortable integrated user friendly WCMS solution.

      So I'm thinking about  who is interested for a powerful WCM on GateIn?

      I think it would be awesome to develop something what brings a functionality like Day CQ5 from Adobe. Some weeks ago I've begun to experimenting with Hippo Site Tool Kit short known as Hippo HST. With some enthusiastic people it should be possible to get a portlet running inside GateIn within a few weeks.

      Hippo HST uses a JCR Repository and also it could handle documents from a CMIS Repository such like from Nuxeo ECM. Its licensed under the ASF 2

      But for longtime I'm thinking about something based on Apache Sling and Jboss SEAM they would be Nuxeo Core integrated directly or maybe with WSDL.

      I post this thread to bring more interested people together and hopefully to make the world a little bit nicer with an powerful project.


      many thanks for all comments




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          Thomas Heute Master

          The more options, the better


          eXo WCM is very powerful, it has the many features and customization required by our most advanced customers.


          A lighter solution that serves 80% of the needs in a very simple way can be a very nice alternative and be very handy.

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            Elias Barrientos Garcia Newbie

            Hi friends


            Currently, we are developing a WCM solution based on a set of Portla conversing with eXo JCR, but we like to use a fully JCR Open project as Rabbit apache.

            This solution will be installed in a couple of customers. In perú.


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              Darko Hojnik Newbie

              I think eXo JCR is currently the better solution. Apache Jackrabbit (same on another Apache TLP's) has massive problems with there documentation. It wasn't able for me to deploy successfull the Jackrabbit RAR inside Jboss 5.1 and 6 to bound it on an Webapp with a JINDI Source.




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                Antoine Herzog Master



                Thank you for asking and starting this discussion !


                For what I see in companies, most of the time the WCM is yet choosen and used, at the company level.


                It happens that the portal project is a start for also choosing a WCM and have some contents management, but even then, it is not so direct that they will take the WCM that is packaged with the portal.

                The WCM project is usualy a different project than the Portal project. Even though they are working together for some parts.

                The bigger the company and the portal project is, the less chance the WCM bundled with GateIn will be used for production and wide use in the company.


                On the other hand, yes, it is interesting to have a quite powerfull WCM directly working with GateIn.


                It would be a wonderfull tool for :

                  - quick start with a portal project.

                  - prototyping the portal : use the WCM for building pages, and check with the users, decisions makers, to go on with the portal project.


                Many time, with JBoss Portal (2.6), even thought the CMS tool was very light, it was a nice tools for the prototyping.

                I have worked on many projects with this. It was nice to have it.


                So, I am interested in "a powerfull WCM on GateIn".

                And I think it is a good thing for a lot of portal projects, for prototyping steps at least.

                Even thought it is not sure many big project will use it when the portal goes to production and widely used by the company users (internal, customers, etc...).




                The other way I see it.


                Portal is for integration of contents and applications.

                It is a central point to access contents and applications.

                About integration of Contents... It can be seen as integration of an application that first shows the contents, then may be also manage the contents.


                so Portal is... for integration of applications.

                contents comes with the integration of a "ContentViewPortlet", and "ContentManagePortlet".

                those portlets shall be provided by the WCM products, as a way to use the WCM in a portal.


                This way is not simple.... of course.

                For the time being, I could not see many WCM providing good Portlets and Integration of their WCM features in portals.

                May be I did not see it properly.


                I guess that would be the best way to provide some WCM in GateIn.



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